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Atlanta Buyers Broker and Atlanta Luxury Home Broker!

Making a sound purchase involves more than simply choosing the home you like...

or the one that "looks" like a good deal. For example,

Which house would YOU choose to purchase?

   Atlanta Luxury Homes

To the untrained eye of homebuyers and ordinary real estate agents, these two upscale Atlanta homes look virtually the same - however that is not the case. One is a dream home... the other is an expensive nightmare! (Remember Your Choice - we'll see how luck you are today in a moment!) Quality and condition are a real concern to buyers. If you did not see the Atlanta Journal full page article on "Nightmare Homes", call for a copy.

With Atlanta Buyers Broker, Robert Whitfield on your side...

You won't have to rely on luck or make these choices blindly.
You will be empowered to make a knowledgeable
and confident choice because you will have far more information than other buyers.
Any property you choose will be the right choice!


Robert's Promise To Clients:

You won't have to make an offer and then wait anxiously for the results of your home inspectors findings.  You will never have to go through the hassle, expense, and risks of having to back out of contracts and start your search all over because of "surprises" found AFTER your home inspection. And you will never offer more than a home is worth!

So..., which house did YOU choose?



Atlanta Luxury Homes w Defects


It pays to hire the only Atlanta Buyers Broker/Realtor who is also a highly qualified Construction Inspection Expert to help YOU make a sound investment!


As these examples show, there are huge advantages for you as the buyer to be much more informed about the homes you are considering while you still have all your options - far better than waiting until you have already placed a home under contract to discover that you made the wrong choice...or offered way too much!


View Roberts Leading Edge Services During Two Actual Client Purchase Transactions



As A WISE BUYER Client, Expect to Receive The Following:


*Your Own Home Search Site w Access to Over 35,000 New and Existing Homes From All  Realty Firms and Builders- you can change your criteria and file and categorize homes you view as: Interested or Reject!

* All The Usual & Customary Real Estate Services Experienced Agents Provide

*Unmatched Efficiency - Rapid Pinpointing Of All Ideal Properties Matching Your Profile!

* Proven Experience - Successful, Winning Negotiation & Purchasing Strategies

PLUS Services No Other Agent Provides...Invaluable Buyer Assurances, Risk Reduction and Unmatched Due-Diligence

+ No Pressure - In Fact, We Routinely Advise Clients NOT To Buy Certain Homes!

+ FREE Home Structure & Major Systems Evaluations - (Before We Submit Your Offer)

+ FREE New Home Construction Monitoring For Homes Under Construction

+ A Sound Trouble Free Purchase - We Help You Avoid Poorly Built & Unsound Homes!

+ Professional Strategy & Counsel From A Licensed Principal Broker - Not An Agent

+ Exceptional Market Insight - Via Market Reports Provided Only To Broker/Owners

+ Unmatched Due-Diligence, High Accountability Through Direct Broker Representation

+ Triple Broker Qualifications - You're Assured Outstanding Counsel & Protection!

+ Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee - If you're unhappy after buying a home we recommended, let us know within 6 months of purchase and we will sell it for you for free of any charge for our listing side commission.


Here's How Our Unparalleled WISE BUYER PROGRAM Works After You Become A Client:

1. Tell us about your dream home - fill out our detailed online buyer profile. We then contact you to go over and confirm your information in detail. We will undoubtedly  ask you some questions that you have never heard from a real estate professional before, but rest assured there are very good reasons for this. We want to help you to find the ideal home quickly and efficiently, but we also want to help you make a sound investment with good resale potential. You can do both if you know how. This "Advantage" is the hallmark of our service, and what sets our service apart form all the ordinary agent/realtors at other firms. We are experts in our market and can source all relevant homes for each client and do this faster than the average agent and any buyer perusing the web on their own - including homes most buyers miss entirely. Because we are widely known as buyer brokers we often receive information about unadvertised opportunities as well. We want to make sure you have an opportunity to see all available homes and particularly the best homes available for your unique needs in your preferred area(s) and price range - while they are still available. No mater what the market - Buyer or Sellers market - we know one constant remains - the best homes always sell the quickest. That is why efficiency and accuracy are so important in a home search.  For these reasons and more, we need to be on the same sheet of music from the start. Once we assess your requirements, and assuming your wishes are realistic in the marketplace, we are ready to move forward.

2. We execute an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement with you, a document which makes you our client and charges us with the responsibility of representing your best interests at all times to the best of our abilities throughout the location, negotiation, and purchase or construction of a home. Once you become our client we perform a custom search of the entire housing market - over 80,000 new and existing homes. Our multiple databases are unrivalled for accuracy and content and are superior to any site available to you the consumer. More importantly, we know the market. We know how to help you look in all the right places for your ideal home, and we can tell you if the home you seek in a certain area and price range is likely to exist, or if it is wishful thinking. If it exists we can find it - if it doesn't you need to know before you waste a lot of your time and emotional energy! We will explain in detail how to protect your rights as a buyer - something very few buyers understand.

3. We will conduct a targeted search and e mail you photos and listing data on every home matching your profile. You preview all the homes, then tell us which properties interest you. We do all the work for you, but if you like, you can click the Communities page and search for homes by city, price, school and a NEW Map based search. Once you register on my Atlanta MLS Homescanner, you can even create saved searches of the properties that look interesting to you, then contact us for more info or to schedule a showing.

4. Every home you are seriously interested in then goes through a two phase evaluation no other realtor or firm provides: I. As your Atlanta Buyers Broker, Robert personally visits each property of interest to verify and ensure a match with your personal requirements for the home and the neighborhood, and, to analyze its pricing to determine if it is priced too high, at market rate, or below market rate. II. Next, assuming parameters detailed in # I are met, each homes overall structure, materials, workmanship, and major systems are evaluated by an experienced ICC Certified Professional Building Inspector - all homes that are unsound or have serious and costly defects are identified and isolated so you can elect to avoid them altogether, or at least be armed with the necessary information to make a more informed and appropriate offer! This invaluable extra service is at no cost to you! In fact, we receive the same seller/builder paid commission split any ordinary agent receives to assist a buyer! The difference - no ordinary agent or buyers agent has the qualifications or ability to provide the level of due diligence we perform - a service that is essential in bringing our clients truly exceptional results. Through the combined efforts and insight of a Real Estate Market Expert AND Home Building/Construction Inspection Expert, our buyer clients make far more informed decisions than other buyers in the marketplace because they know what they are buying up front, before the offer. Our Clients are protected from buying overpriced, poorly built or seriously defective problem properties, and at the same time are assured rapid identification and access to homes that are a relevant match with their ideal home preferences and also represent the finest quality, best built homes in any chosen market area and price range. The value of this complementary service is worth an average of over $5000. per client. Robert's complimentary home structure evaluations have saved his clients stress, lost time, and hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last several years! In addition, we also verify the proper execution of repairs or alterations performed as a result of an inspection or as can occur during new home construction. For those buyers who are building, or buying a home still under construction we do periodic site visits to monitor the homes progress during construction to help assure things go as they should and you get the home you deserve.

By being more informed from the start, making the right decisions for your family is much easier, and the whole process is less risky, and much more enjoyable and efficient. Buying a home should be fun, not a financial gamble! Clearly, our service goes far beyond just showing clients into homes...we help clients see the best homes first, while they are still available, and avoid properties that are costly purchase mistakes. We review and counsel clients on all contracts, draft stipulations that protect our clients interests, and formulate winning purchasing strategies for the best price and terms!


Clearly, All Atlanta Buyers Agents and Atlanta Buyers Brokers Are NOT The Same!

"If you prefer an Expert and Advocate, over an Agent/Generalist - Call Robert Now! 678-585-9691"


Our Services, Commitment, & Representation To Buyers Is Unmatched in The Atlanta Marketplace, And Our Extra Services Cost Our Clients Nothing...In Return, We Ask The Following:


1.) Loyalty and Client Protection - We Execute A Written Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement with you which makes you our client "not just a customer"!  A written Buyer Brokerage Agreement charges us with being responsible for representing YOUR best interests as a "client" at all times, to the best of our *ability. (*and its important to understand - agents are not all the same - they don't all have the same "abilities"!)  The Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement, coupled with our addendum also spells out in writing all the extra services Robert  provides which go well beyond what is expected of or required of real estate professionals under GA license law, and common "industry standard" brokerage practices.  We refuse to serve anyone in any diminished capacity (as a customer rather than a client) where we would have to sit back and knowingly watch someone exercise bad decisions or make a major mistake. That is why we (and any reputable agent/realtor) will decline to "work with" a buyer without a written Buyer Brokerage Agreement. That is a disservice to the buyer. You should know that in GA, you as the buyer can not sue an agent (except for blatant and provable fraud) for their mistakes, actions, or failures to act, if you are merely a customer. Just like an attorney, we as agents are not allowed by law to give you the benefit of our counsel, advice, or knowledge without a written brokerage agreement to represent your best interests as our client. For more information about agency, protecting yourself in real estate transaction, and how commissions work Go here .

2.) Price & Area - Buyers Seeking Homes North of I-20 anywhere in In Town or Greater North Atlanta & A Minimum Purchase Price of around $150K ($75K for Repeat Investor Clients) - a minimum price range is necessary because Robert's services, time, and the extra due diligence he performs to assist and protect each client far exceeds the services offered by any traditional agent/realtor...all these extra services and consulting time are at no cost to his client. Robert does far more work than any other agent yet accepts the same coop commission fee sellers/builders pay to all ordinary agents and buyer agents.

3.) Ready - You're Seriously In The Market And Ready To Act If The Right Home Is Found - You have done some basic homework or have been on our email list or website search engine and know at least roughly where you want to live - you may need to see lots of homes, but you are qualified for a loan and ready to start an exciting market search in earnest to buy the right home when and if it is found!

***REPRESENTATION OPTIONS FOR RELOCATION FAMILIES Who Are Still in the "Research Phase" - Many of our out of town clients contact us and are ready to go find a home. Others need to come prior to relocating and look around and research areas. We can give you short term Representation and assistance so you can look around and see some Atlanta homes without a long term commitment and get a good feel for some neighborhoods you what kind of home you get for certain prices and areas. If you don't know where you want to look, that's fine, we know the entire metro Atlanta area, having lived here for 30 years. After talking with you about your lifestyle and what you like, we can suggest some ideal neighborhood areas. You can also fill out our proactive web form here - and give us some details. We can then suggest areas to consider based on your profile of needs/wants and pull up a group of available prospective homes to show you and schedule with the owners so we can give you a tour when you arrive. We execute a short term Buyer Brokerage Agreement with you to cover the time you will be in town looking at homes - for example 1 to 4 days - think of this limited time agreement as a try-it-before-you-buy-it approach to see how we work. You won't want to sign up long term with anyone else after working with Robert and his team! Note: The Georgia Buyer Brokerage Agreement does not allow you to simultaneously work with other agents while you're in town - do your homework and interview agents before you come to town - when you compare, its really not hard to determine who will put you first and who is the most qualified to do the best job for you. It pays to use the best agent you can find - not just the agent you happen to know or the one a friend referred! The right realtor can make you thousands of dollars, and spare you a lot of headaches.

4.) Qualified - You Have A Loan Pre Qualification Letter (Preferably  A Pre Approval) - Unless you're paying all cash or 50% down, knowing where you stand with regard to a mortgage should be the first step any prospective buyer takes - yes - even before seeing property. Especially in this new lending environment - things have changed dramatically since about December 2007 and getting the underwriters to approve your loan is a lot tougher now. If you have not yet contacted a lender to be prequalified, we will ask you to speak briefly with one of our excellent preferred lenders to verify your financial ability for whatever price home you seek, and you will receive free no obligation advice on the best loan product and strategy for your situation. There is no cost or commitment for this and you can to use any lender you like - we highly suggest you do not use out of state lenders. Understand, however, when it is time to buy, its time to fill out a full loan application and seek a loan approval - that is better than either a verbal or written "pre qualification" and can put you in the winners seat when making offers. For buyers who want to look at REO and foreclosed homes and who aren't paying "all cash" - you should know that most foreclosure banks and bank asset managers require an approval letter from a direct lender such as SunTrust Bank or Bank of America, (not a mortgage broker) or they won't even accept your offer!  Remember, not only do we need to verify your ability to buy, the seller/builder/listing agent will require this as well.

Our Vast Knowledge and Years of Experience Will Assure Your Transaction Is Smooth and Successful...and you make a Sound Purchase

Robert has provided professional oversight in far more real estate transactions than the average family would enter into in 20 lifetimes, and he provides a level of services and due diligence other agent/realtors can'toffer. Robert has seen virtually everything that can happen in a transaction and he knows how to anticipate, prepare, and oversee each clients transactions so the unexpected is kept to a minimum. However even with the best laid plans the unexpected can happen, and when it does, Robert has the experience and resources to keep your transaction on track. Robert is proud of a 100% track record to date, in getting even the toughest and most unusual deals concluded and to closing for his clients. Very few other agent/realtors can say they have never had a deal to fall apart - in fact for many it is a common occurrence. Buying a home is not like buying a car- it has far more pitfalls than even experienced home buyers are aware of. Robert has represented clients as diverse as first time buyers to relocating corporate executives, small business entrepreneurs, entertainers, and commercial real estate attorneys.

Thank you for taking the time to become more informed about the process of buying a home the right way! Don't hesitate to contact us - we welcome your feedback and questions, and would be happy to assist you with a pre-purchase strategy based on your time line to buy. We stand ready to represent you and your family in the location, negotiation, and acquisition of a truly great home when you're ready!


Call Robert Now (678) 585-9691 You Deserve Superior Results!

...over $20,000,000 in buyer purchase transactions!



Questions or Comments? E Mail Us Now!

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It's all about a far more ENJOYABLE and EFFICIENT home buying process...

 a SMOOTH transaction and SOUND purchase...

  and TOTAL peace-of-mind!

There is no better way to buy or build a home - Guaranteed!


The above purchaser program is my commitment to you!  As a Broker and the owner of one of the few true Buyer Brokerage Specialty firms,  I can assure you no one in Atlanta will work harder to represent you in the purchase of your new home, and no one is more qualified to assure you of not just a great home, but a sound, well built home, at the best possible price and terms. I Guarantee it! 

Please call or drop me an e mail, I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss your needs and what I can do to help you have a much more enjoyable experience in finding a wonderful Atlanta area home that will also be a sound investment.

Robert A. Whitfield
Professional Atlanta Buyers Broker
Relocation Specialist
New Home Construction Expert
ICC Code Certified Building Inspector
Advantage Realtors
Advantage Home Buyer Representatives, Inc.
Local  678-585-9691
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Robert Whitfield...Unmatched Advice, Counsel, and Representation for Buyers!

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