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Recommended Atlanta Mortgage Lenders

Due to the continued stringent lender scrutiny and underwriting guidelines,

we highly recommend you use a Direct Lender rather than a Mortgage Broker

to first assure your loan gets approved at all, and second, on time and with the least hassle.


Direct Lender:

Mark Milam - Production Manager

 Heritage Bank Mortgage 

Office: 404-395-1102    Fax: 404-506-9484

Web Site:


Direct Lender:

Tenley C. Stephens - Senior Loan Officer

 Fidelity Bank Mortgage 

Office: 404-553-2932    Fax: 404-521-4000

Web Site:


Direct Lender:

 Jason Young - Branch Manager

American Bank Mortgage Group

Office: 678-608-2944     Fax: 404-393-0549

Web Site:



Down Payment Assistance Programs and Grants

If you need a lender trained and experienced in the many special Down Payment Assistance programs call me -

the typical lender can't do these properly and efficiently, if at all. You don't want an on-the-job trainee here!



***If You Need a HELOC, (Home Equity Line of Credit) To Access Your Homes Equity, or to use as a Second Mortgage to reduce your required cash outlay for the down payment Call Me - I Have a Local HELOC Lender With One Of the Best Rates And Most Relaxed Qualification Guidelines Around.

Robert Whitfield Broker/Owner - 678-585-9691

General Loan Info

Example Products & Programs - these programs have changed since the housing downturn and mortgage crisis of 2007-2010+, and some loan vehicles are non-existent or much harder to qualify for! It is now critical to speak with your lender before looking for a home - you need to know you can get a loan at all, what rate, and what kind of money you will need. Generally, if you don't have at least a 660 middle credit score, FHA is the best way to go, and with a minimum 580 Fico Score FHA still only requires 3.5% down - but there is talk of even this increasing. If FHA changes this we will post an update.

These are guidelines - our lenders are the experts, talk with them and they can tailor the best option for you based on your circumstances.


A variety of loan programs in addition to the following exist to meet your needs. We work with the leading lenders in the industry to provide loans for all scenarios.
Conforming Programs:  (Credit Score Range: 660 - 850)
Conforming loans are the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sponsored programs. They include Conventional Fixed Rate and ARM and Interest Only products. 100% financing is available with this type of loan program and they are designed for people with Excellent Credit Scores. Loan options include Cash-Out and Investment Property. Conforming loans will offer you the lowest possible interest rates. Mortgage Insurance is often required for LTV's of 81% and greater. The maximum Atlanta Conforming Loan amount is $417K - loan amounts above that are non conforming loans  classed as Jumbo Loans and they carry higher interest rates.

Non-Conforming Programs: (Credit Score Range: 580 - 720)
Non-Conforming loans are the Jumbo's, ALT-A's, Stated Income and NINA loans. They include Fixed Rate, ARM, and Interest Only products. 100% financing is available with this type of program and they are designed for people with Good to Excellent Credit Scores. Interest rates will be slightly higher than the Conforming Programs. Loan options include Cash-Out and  Investment Property. Mortgage Insurance may be required for LTV's of 81% and greater. Maximum DTI is around 45%.

Sub-Prime Programs: (Credit Score Range: 520 - 640)  
Sub-Prime or Non-Prime programs are designed for people that have Poor to Ok Credit Scores. These programs cater to special requirement issues such as late payments, foreclosure and bankruptcy. These loans typicality are used as short term, temporary or band aid loans, allowing time for credit repair, before refinancing. They offer higher DTI ratio's and usually do not contain Mortgage Insurance requirements. Programs are available as Fixed Rate, ARM, Combo's (80/20) and can contain an Interest Only feature. The Interest rate will be slightly higher than the Non-Conforming Programs. Loan options include 100% financing, Stated Income, NINA, Cash-Out and Investment Properties. Maximum DTI is around 50%


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Robert Whitfield...Atlanta's Most Qualified Home Buying Expert!

Advantage Home Buyer Representatives, Inc.  Local: 678-585-9691

Specializing in Prime In Town and Greater North Atlanta Properties

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